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Inbound Sales Contact Center Services          

Customers want great service - they want an immediate response from a live courteous customer care agent that is well informed. Deliver on these expectations with Virtual Office Jamaica inbound contact center from start to finish.  Our unique value comes from the fact that we only hire service representatives who understand your customer needs,ensuring that each client query is handled and escalated to the relevant personnel in a timely manner. Our contact center is your customer's first point of contact,we have designed our system to support on demand scalability allowing you to add agents an capacity in a matter of hours.

Our ability to answer customer calls quickly, with a minimum hold time, answering customer's questions accurately and knowing your company products and services is our passion, partnering with Virtual Office Jamaica inbound contact services is a step in the right direction that can improve care and produce more revenue.

INBOUND Contact center features

  • Agent Scripting
  • Technical Support Services
  • Seminar Reservation
  • Direct Responses
  • Priority Call Routing
  • Call Queuing
  • Web Access to all messages
  • Survey
  • Scalable agent service
  • Any other events / services that requires calls to be answered
  • Sales Processing
  • Business to Business Sales
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Help Desk support
  • Emergency response service
  • Providing General Information
  • Call Patching
  • Dealer locator services
  • Per Call / Per Hour billing
  • IT Support Services

How Will my Inbound Calls Be Billed?

There are two types of billing available,  PER CALL & PER HOUR BILLING , per call billing  is used for  high volume based calls in which multiple agents are required to provide basic information such as pricing and location of an event, where minimal training is required.

PER HOUR BILLING mostly used for dedicated service agents that requires extensive training in order to service a client, this is most applicable for financial institutions , technical support services, sales and marketing  and any other companies seeking full time customer care representative to service their company only. These PER HOUR AGENTS or full time dedicated agents will not be shared  for any other client during the contracted period.


  • In today's professional world,customers want immediate response and timely results, if it is difficult to keep up with the demand being placed, missing out on calls, callers getting constant busy signals, then its time to get the help you deserve. Fortunately Virtual Office Jamaica inbound contact center has a solution that you can outsource your calls so they can be answered in a timely manner and processed without your clients becoming frustrated.

Virtual Office Jamaica Inbound Sales Contact Center Services