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Migrating A Traditional Office To A Virtual Environment in Kingston Jamaica


Juan MgDillion Feb ,1st ,2015

I've been wrestling with a bunch of ideas lately, especially how to reduce my overhead expenses - I have played with the idea of downsizing and moving into my basement, however in the midst of these ideas i have to be able to maintain a professional image similar or better to the one i presently have.

I recently shared these issues with a close friend of mine and he suggested to look at migrating my telecommunication infrastructure and customer service needs to a virtual provider also known as an Answering Service ,so i decided to do some research to see the options that are available.


From my research i found the following :

*Most answering Service Providers will allow you to forward your existing office numbers, however this will incur a per minute charge.


Number Portability is not yet available in Jamaica ,however this feature when become active allows you to retain your existing telephone number without any interruption in service ,most importantly clients will be able to reach you at the same number you have been using for years despite migrating to a virtual environment.*

Electronic Faxing - is only provided by two companies in Jamaica ,namely Virtual Office Jamaica and MyVirtual Offices. > This service delivers all my incoming faxes to email and also allow me to send faxes from my computer, eliminating the need to have a physical fax machine. Less paper waste as i can decide the faxes that needs to be printed vs junk faxes.

Live Answering Service incorporate customer service agents to answer and patch calls to the relevant personnel's, you may customize the way in which your calls are answered, (Customized Calling Scripts) Along with calls being answered ,you receive real time message notification via email and text messages, this is quite use-full especially if you are in a meeting or away from your phone.

Remote Office Extensions are provided by a few Answering Service Providers ,this is an internet based phone system that you can use to make and receive calls, outgoing calls displays your office caller ID creating a complete image that you are operating from a physical location as your virtual receptionists.




Pricing :- there are several pricing structure that are available.

Per Minute Billing - All calls are billed on a per minute basis ,calls less that a minute is rounded to 60 seconds , this is applicable for incoming and calls that are transferred.


Call Patching / Call Transfer

 Several call patching rates exists, per minute and per call, the per call transfer in most cases my be the best option as clients trying to reach you in many cases take the time to inquire about your products or services, per call transfer billing gives you the peace of mind that long duration calls will not significantly affect your monthly billing. On the other hand per minute call transfer may run into hundreds of dollars based on the per minute rate being charged by the answering service provider.

Per Call Billing - All calls are billed on a per call basis,

Before choosing your billing type, you have to determine the volume of calls received on a monthly basis along with the average length of each call. If it is found that your call duration are long, along with a high volume, it may be in your best interest to use an answering service that provides per call billing.

I hope this article assist you in choosing the best solution for your business when migrating to a virtual environment.

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