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Answering Service for Jamaican Lawyers



Many Jamaican lawyers starting a practice opt for an answering service and a virtual space in which various amenities are covered. For lawyers with limited resources who prefer to work from home, an answering service and a corporate business address is the perfect way to maintain privacy along with maintaining a professional image for their practice.


Over the years we have seen a significant increase in law firms utilizing answering services as a general part of their organizations, as it relates to customer service and appointment setting.


If you decide to start using an answering service, here are some considerations I have learned based on my experience.


How credible is the organization? Most answering services are located outside of your current state or country, ensure that a part of your research include looking at other customers feedback, reviews are easy to find by visiting Google or yelp , this will allow you to get a sense of feeling of what your experience may be when selecting a particular answering service.


Ask About Call Quality Assurance, all answering services make a lot of promises regarding training and the level of professionalism that your callers will receive, ensure that you document clearly, how your calls should be handled, ask what is the average ring time for calls to be answered, and how urgent calls are communicated to you in the event of an emergency.


Message Delivery Options Ensure that the plan you choose has message delivery options included. Call Patching / Call Transfer features is one of the most invaluable features of an answering service, in which live callers can have the opportunity to communicate with you directly. In the event you are not available SMS and email options should be available to provide immediate notification of messages taken on your behalf.


LNP or Local Number Portability will become a reality in Jamaica over the next several months. Before activating your account, ensure that there are no hidden clause that prevents you from porting in or out your current telephone number/s, many answering services will allow you to port your number in free of cost, however when exiting you may need to pay a fee of $50.00 or more.


Fair billing practices. Seek out competitively priced services, such as per call billing in which long duration calls does not affect your monthly billing. You should not have to pay more because your customers asks questions that require detailed responses.


Prices Make sure you understand the charges breakdown, Charges can be based on a  per call or per minute basis. The company should work with you to design the best package that offers your company the best value it needs.

Written By :  Joseph Williams  
Published : 2/15/2105